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About Another Hot Mess

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 Kali wasn’t sure what she loved most, stripping or cocaine. They both had become a dangerous passion for the 23-year-old exotic beauty.  She would do anything, including breaking the law, to keep her addiction fed!

Liz had a perfect life, a fantastic job, a great boyfriend and a beautiful home. She never expected a visit to the spa would end up in a cancer diagnosis. Refusing to do chemo, Liz dives into the underground world of illegal marijuana oil searching for a cure for cancer.

Envied by his Peers, Anders idyllic existence of fancy cars, golf at the country club and owner of a Mercedes Dealership come crashing down unexpectedly.  His gambling problem spirals affecting his personal and business life. Making a deal with the devil himself is Anders only hope.


Rick Simpson Oil


Where Another Hot Mess is a work of fiction,  Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is real. I am providing a link to Ricks website a message from him that he has posted. 

This is a very interesting story and would love to hear from anyone who has first hand experience using the oil.



The only two websites I am affiliated with are and our publishing company’s website

On my official website you can find dosage instructions and all the other information required to produce your own high quality medicinal hemp oil. You will need to follow all the instructions carefully and purchase or grow the proper bud material to work with, for this is of the utmost importance, if you are to produce this medication properly. This oil truly is the greatest medicine on this planet and it does have all the healing abilities which I have described, but it must be manufactured in the proper way, to achieve these medicinal effects.

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From the moment I self published Another Hot Mess I became obsessed with Kindle Direct Publishing . In addition to creating my own published works I am assisting clients in creating and self publishing e-books and paperbacks with KDP

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